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Soul Spa: Spirituality too overrated


Being spiritual is not a way of life but the only way to be called human writes APARNA KAPOOR

People often get into an argument like situation while talking about spirituality. The misunderstandings begin when spirituality is connected with religion. But the two are totally independent of each other! A spiritual person could be religious but a religious person may not necessarily be spiritual. That explains the hypocritical weirdoes who in the name of religion fool people, mislead them and play with their sentiments. We all have seen plenty of such people making the headlines in the past few years.

Spirituality is a highly misused word in every context possible and also is too overrated. Why is anyone who is spiritually inclined, considered a cut above?

What is Spirituality?

It is a simple question to which you may be still seeking an equally simple answer.

Spirituality is not so complex or so it has been projected as. It is a very simple concept of understanding one’s life in relation with the factors around; and how much do these factors matter; when we talk about the humans and humanity. It is simply the deepest human values by which people live or rather should live. And it has nothing to do with any organized religious institutions. Spirituality, in other words, should mean; being human. A spiritual person is the one who simply lives by the innate human traits he has been so beautifully bestowed upon by nature. There is nothing supernatural about spirituality.

Spirituality is living in awareness

The concept of being spiritual (it is not a concept, it is simply a fact of being born into human species.) is typical to search for a meaningful life. Now, you tell me, what’s such a big deal about it? Aren’t we all supposed to know and identify the purpose of our lives? Or are we too just another wonder of nature that shall eat, drink, sleep, make babies and pass off?

Aren’t we supposed to think beyond this? Or let’s take it this way if we weren’t supposed to think beyond our basic survival; why then, are we given the intellect which perceives this world in multi-dimensions and beyond the truth of mere existence and survival of ours? Spirituality does exactly that. It involves a search for meaning and purpose of our life. It is nothing but living with your human traits intact, with a constant awareness that ours is a universal human experience, irrespective of any limitations what so ever.

Anyone who has this deep sense of being alive and connectivity with the cosmos with compassion for everyone alike is human, is spiritual.

The Ravanas around

There is nothing obligatory in anyone’s way of thinking or attitude, who claims to be spiritual. Being spiritual is nothing but only being human.

The only reason for this undue attention towards this concept of spirituality is the diminishing basic human values and attributes in every individual. Today if someone shows some compassion towards a fellow being; which otherwise is a basic human trait, he suddenly becomes saintly and is put up high on a pedestal.

The problem arises, when we start blindly following that person instead of following the principles he is standing for. It is the principles and not the person which is important. Someone who claims to be spiritual; dresses up or talks in a certain way is not necessarily spiritual. We have seen some real demons behind the holy disguise; who have ripped apart the human values and robbed common man like you and me of our faith in humanity. So, do not put your intellect, reasoning and logic in the attic when you come across a self-proclaimed ‘spiritual’ person. Use your own spiritual quotient to judge. It is being human which is important; spirituality is just what follows by default.

YOU – are spiritual

The compassion for our fellow beings and doing our bit to save the world is the simple qualification which entitles you to be called spiritual or in other words, entitles you to be called human.

Does your heart cry when you see someone in pain and find a way how you could help? Well, if the answer is yes, then it is a reason enough for you to be called a human who is spiritually connected to his own self.

If we look within and introspect; we would find that each one of us is made spiritual by nature. Being spiritual is in our system. The reason we are not connected to our innate spirituality is that we are no longer connected with our selves. Rarely do we look and explore within. The world outside us, with its pomp and show, has blinded us with its bling. The new definition of existence has become a little self-centred which involves only our own pleasures of every kind. We do not realise that these pleasures are not necessarily the source of our happiness; in fact, they pull us far away from the tranquillity and peace.

Seeking these pleasures is the cause that we fail being spiritual. Desire for physical pleasures is like a bottomless well. The more you put in, the more it would desire. But in this process of giving in to your desires of physical pleasure, you cease practising the basic human traits and are in awe with the one, who does.

Let us not overrate spirituality. It would pull us away from practising our natural traits of being kind, loving and compassionate because when we are in awe of something, we subconsciously believe that it is a farfetched trait and is not an achievable task. Spirituality is not something which is to be attained, it is there within each one of us; we just need to plug in. Spirituality is not being able to quote verses from the scriptures but is about bringing them in practice.

Being spiritual is nothing but being human and believe me, it is no big deal.