Free Press Journal

Some good days and some bad days


Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

We all have good days and bad days. What amounts to a good day for one person may equate to someone else’s bad day. When a person says that he is on bad days, what he generally means is either that some people are criticising him bitterly without his fault and are accusing him absolutely without any basis or that whatever role he plays and the job he does, turns into a complete failure and he flops. On the other end, a person who is on good days when people easily help him, appreciate his work and qualities and like or love him ,feels that there is happiness in relationships, he has stamina and good health and he has not to beg money from anyone but is fairly comfortable. He feels that people do not misbehave with him and that he generally meets success whatever be the venture he embarks upon.

History is full of examples of even kings becoming beggars or of ordinary men ascending on thrones. But, what we need to remember is that the shift in our fortunes or the change in our days is brought about by the change that took place in the past in the quality of our own actions. Remember!  the whole nature is influenced by our own actions and, so, we are the makers of our own fortune. We determine our own destiny.

So, basically, bad days are those days when a person has bad thoughts or does bad actions and good days are, basically, those days, when a person thinks good and does good. Since our bad days are consequence of our actions, we cannot, therefore, run away from them but have only to bear with them happily or a heavy heart even as we choose. Also, when anyone is on good days, he should not boast of his wisdom or adventures or knowledge and circle of friends.

Coz,one never knows when one will be hauled up on live coals. So,let us, therefore, not be proud to the point of boasting, bragging or praising the self. Instead we must always keep in mind that whether our days are good or bad, we should always be good in our actions, our state of mind, our dealings and relations with others, our attitudes and our response to various situations.