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Scrapbook of Memories: Reconnecting with your past


An object once long forgotten, suddenly found, can help you reconnect with your past, writes Sumeet Naik

When was the last time you found something while cleaning your shelf that you had forgotten about? Something that meant a lot to you, but with the passage of time had slipped down your priority chart.

And once you rediscover that object it becomes the core of your present thinking.

Undoubtedly, all of us have gone through this experience at least once in our life. I too, being no exception recently found a book, a scrapbook to be more precise. A brown glossy cover, with several stickers stuck to it from a superhero to butterfly and other colourful delights. Dusting it, I realised, I was dusting away the thick layer of current tensions and worries only to temporarily slip into carefree world.

The world that had a school uniform, that brought all of us at par with shades and colour. The school bell which always keep hammering upon us the importance of time. Mainly for most of us who used to eagerly wait for the Recess bell or the Physical Education period where we could get to play and dirty our sparkling uniforms.

As I opened the first page of the scrapbook, I remembered how we all used to whack our brains to have different set of questions from the others. Only question that remained common in all the scrapbooks was…Your Opinion About Me?  That also being the first read answer once your friend wrote on it.

I browsed through each and every page of my 200 page scrapbook. Every page unfolded the memory attached to that individual who was a part of my school days.

Today most of us are still connected (thanks to the Reunion, Facebook and WhatsApp) despite everyone scattered and busy in different parts of the globe. We still remember those silly jokes upon which we laughed our guts out and dreams we scripted then.

One of my friend had written on my scrapbook that she wanted to be a doctor once she grew up; today indeed she is one of the most sought after gynecologist. Another friend who was always fascinated by cars, who stuck several stickers of various car models on the pages while filling in the scrapbook, is an automobile engineer in Bangalore. And there were others like me, who wanted to be something at that age, kept changing the options at various stages of life and finally ended becoming something which we never dreamt of. But that’s also a charm of life.

I was happy that I was rewarded for participating in the process of housecleaning. I had found my scrapbook which took me back to my school days. Once again the tiffin box full of memories was open and the dusty shirt thanks to the house cleaning gave a feel of the dirty school uniform we wore after physical education period.