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Satyam and Anandam are One


In the Upanishads we find the note of certainty about the spiritual meaning of existence. In the very paradoxical nature of the assertion that we can never know brahma, but can realize Him, there lies the strength of conviction that comes from personal experience. They aver that through our joy we know the reality that is infinite, for the test by which reality is apprehended is joy. Therefore in the Upanishads, Satyam and Anandam are one. Does not this idea harmonize with our everyday experience?

The negative fact of the vanishing of the fences of self has nothing in itself that is delightful. But my joy proves that the disappearance of self brings me into touch with a great positive truth whose nature is infinitude. My love makes me understand that I gain a great truth when I realize myself in others, and therefore I am glad. This has been thus expressed in the Isopanishad:-He who sees all creatures in himself,And himself in all creatures, no longer remains concealed.His Truth is revealed in him when it comprehends Truth in others.

It has been said by some that the element of personality has altogether been ignored in the brahma of the Upanishads, and thus our own personality, according to them, finds no response in the Infinite Truth. But then, what is the meaning of the exclamation: I have known him who is the Supreme Person! Did not the sage who pronounced it at the same time proclaim that we are all the sons of the Immortal?

Elsewhere it has been declared: Know him, the Person who only is to be known, so that death may not grieve thee. The meaning is obvious. We are afraid of death, because we are afraid of the absolute cessation of our personality. Therefore, if we realize the Person as the ultimate reality which we know in everything that we know, we find our own personality in the bosom of the eternal.

One of the verses in the Upanishads that speaks of immortality:

This is the God who is the world-worker, the supreme soul, who always dwells in the heart of all men, those who know him through their mind, and the heart that is full of the certainty of knowledge, become immortal.