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Sahaja Yoga: Sahastrar Day


H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sahaja Yoga practitioners  in more than 140 countries including India celebrate Self-Realisation Day.  On this day, in 1970 in Nargol, in Gujarat, the founder of Sahaja Yoga,  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi , experienced  in early hours   the divine knowledge of giving mass realization.  With this Mission, she travelled to many countries giving mass self-realisation  to thousands of people  in public programs.

 In one of Her discourses on May 5, Shri Mataji NirmalaDevi  spoke about what happens when sahastrar opens.  She said, “When the kundalini passes through the five centres, it enters the limbic area. This area is surrounded by thousand nerves. When these nerves get enlightened, they look like seven colours, shining and emitting vibrations.  When the kundalini starts emitting vibrations all these nerves get enlightened and starts moving to open sahastrar and the kundlini emerges out through the Brahmarandhra in limbic area.

Randhra means hole. Brahma is the all-pervading power of God’s love. So it enters in to the subtle energy which is all pervading paramchaitanya, which we don’t feel normally.  Vibrations which are the part and parcel of this energy of all pervading power, start entering into our brain and start and showering blessings in the limbic area. This area is connected to all the area of brains and also to nerves. It starts flowing giving new awareness known as collective consciousness.”

Those experienced sahajayogis of collective consciousness through vibrations flow from Sahastrar and in both palms, have been continuing the legacy. Self –Realisation for Inner Peace programs are organised at various Schools, for the public in general.  A 2000 sq. ft. space has been earmarked for Sahaja Yoga activity in the Simhasth Mela at Ujjain to give self-realisation to seekers. Self-realisation programs are organised in all cities, towns and rural areas wherever Sahaja Yoga has reached.

The Inner Peace team from Italy along with many youngsters and sahajayogis from Belgium and Europe will join self- realisation program on 23rd May at various schools and Universities in the recent terror stricken Brussels.