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(Steps to Process and Release Emotional Toxins 8-10)

8. Release the emotion through some ritual. Physical exercise is usually best for this. Exercise, dance, walk, pound a pillow, get a massage, do some breathing exercises—Anything that will help you to discharge the emotion from your physiology. Allow your body to detoxify. Acknowledge the release of the emotions as you are doing the activity.

If you are comfortable with moving your body, put on some rhythmic music and simply allow yourself to flow gently with the beat. Begin by closing your eyes and simply move your hands to the music. Feel the energy moving and allow your arms to flow with the music. Soon your body will begin to move as the ego gets out of the way and the joy of release takes over.

9. Share the emotion with the person involved in the situation once you have calmed down. If you have gone through Steps 1 through 5 you should be able to share it without blame and without trying to manipulate the person for approval or pity.

If you find that the person involved has no space for you to share your feelings, even though you have taken full responsibility for them, if he or she says things like, “That’s your problem, you deal with it” then alarms should go off in your mind that this is a toxic relationship! It should encourage you to take a strong look at whether this relationship is adding to your quality of life or just providing a distraction.

10. Rejuvenate! Do something nice for yourself. Get massage, listen to music, buy yourself a present, eat a delicious meal—nourish yourself. If you’ve gone through Steps 1 through 6 you deserve to be rewarded—so reward yourself for your good work. During the process of physical Panchakarma, after the deep rooted toxins are eliminated, rasayanas or rejuvenatives have their greatest benefit. This is also true for the subtle body.

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