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Ram’s paunch doesn’t bother Gautami


His rotund frame has never come in the way of his work, or the love and admiration that Ram Kapoor has found in the television and film world. But even after seeing him rubbing shoulders with contemporaries like Ronit Roy, who display epitome of fitness, Gautami Kapoor is not insecure about her husband’s paunch.

“I don’t pester him to exercise as I feel that fitness comes from within and is not something that should be forced,” says Gautami, who is quite a fitness freak herself and credits her husband for making her start living a healthy lifestyle.

Albeit Ram, who is loved by one and all despite being on the heavier side, makes a conscious attempt to do a yearly heath check-up despite his frantic schedules, “I live a very hectic lifestyle so Gautami beleaguers me to at least have a full body check-up every year,” a smiling Ram said.