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Qualities Of The Divine


Verse 2, Chapter XVI of the Bhagawad Gita enumerates eleven qualities of the Divine.
1.Ahimsa i.e. harmlessness, non violence, not thinking ill of others, taking care not to offend another in thought, word or deed. A person who observes ahimsa will never try to inflict pain or suffering on other people.

2.Satya or truth i.e. living up to one’s own thoughts and conscience. Such a person never gets swayed by likes or dislikes. Enforcing this discipline in life is satya or being truthful.

3.Akrodha i.e. absence of anger. In fact, anger surfaces when a desire is not fulfilled. The absence of anger means having control of emotion, being free from suppression and the need to have an outburst.

4. Tyaga or renunciation. People either indulge in sensual pleasures or suppress them forcibly. Indulgence only aggravates desires and neutralizes worldly enjoyment. The divine person neither indulges nor abstains from the world. As Ramakrishna Paramahansa said, “The Boat should be in the water but the water should not enter the boat. Likewise, you should live in this world but the world should not enter your mind.” You live in this world with detachment, as a witness.

5. Shanti or peace. Unfulfilled desires agitate the mind. A divine person’s focus and attention is rooted in the supreme self. His mind is pure and immaculate without contamination. It remains calm and peaceful like placid water without ripples.

6. Apaisunam i.e. absence of calumny. Such a person does not gossip spread slander but remains focused upon the self. His interest is on self-development and spiritual enlightenment. He banishes negative thoughts as he has no time to indulge in it.

7.Dayabhutesu i.e. compassion for others.. Compassion should have the support of your intellectual conviction.

8.Aloluptva i.e. lack of craving for possessions and enjoyment. As Buddha said: “When you don’t need anything, you have everything.”

9.Mardava i.e. gentleness. A gentle person does not suffer from suppression or repression. He remains calm, placid and receptive.

10. HRI i.e. Modesty, Humility, Humbleness.

11.Acapala i.e. absence of fickleness. A fickle mind is a weak mind behaving on impulse.