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Proper traffic management needed


Indore : Traffic at Gorakund Square, one of the busiest in the city, is also a victim of mismanagement. The road leading towards Sitalamata bazaar is one-way but drivers disregarding the system drive through the road leading to heavy traffic jams. Vehicles get into each other’s way due to jam. Both the residents and traders are fed up with the problem.

Though police have erected barricades near the temple located at the square, auto-rickshaw drivers blatantly violate the rules and pick up and drop passengers just near the barricades.

Drivers also make a mess of traffic on the road leading to Gorakund from Imli Bazaar and wade into incoming traffic without regard to others’ safety. People in the area claimed that cops are not deployed here and therefore rules are violated openly.

Akhilesh Shakalya, a commuter, said that the road leading towards Khajuri bazaar is also one way but here too rules are violated openly by drivers and there is no one to stop them. The area boasts of oldest markets and is visited by thousands. Traffic pressure is quite heavy here in the evening and therefore proper management of traffic is a must.

Akshay Botham, another commuter, said that cops are rarely seen in the area and therefore traffic is constantly moving here while rules are ignored blatantly. Policemen should take action against those breaking rules that may improve the situation.