Free Press Journal

Precious Resource


Napolean Hill, Contender to champion, guiding lights, Peace of Mind, T.G.L. Iyer

Our ability to think is our most precious resource. We have complete control on our ability to decide. We also have complete control on our ability to choose our own thoughts. These are areas where we have complete control. We are where we are and what we are because of our own thoughts, decisions and actions. Nature is impartial. It does not care whether we adopt good models or we adopt bad models to lead our life.

We are now in what Harlow Shapley of Harvard University calls the Psychozoic age or the age of the mind. Our mind is so powerful that properly used and directed, it can conquer anything in life. The reservoir of potential within us is so vast that we are helpless and use only a fraction of it. Bertrand Russell, English Philosopher and writer said: “The very best proof that something can be done is that others have already done it.” Abraham Lincoln, the famous American President wrote: “That some have succeeded greatly is proof that others can do it as well.”

One of the traps we frequently fall into is the idea that arguments are either won or lost; that right and wrong can always be clearly defined and we are doing our best drawing all our resources to the maximum extent. We tend to adopt fixed attitudes towards problems. We cling to our views and confine ourselves to the limits of our experience. All this happens because we have absolutely no idea to what depth we can go digging our resources.

One of the paradoxes and ironies of life is that we are afraid to make mistakes because we want to be perfect in our doings and dealings. Such an attitude leads to limited use of our resources. We should know that when we commit a mistake it need not be repeated, if we are capable to draw our talents and sit in judgment to take enough precautions not to repeat them. We must realize that we do not live in isolation. We are part of a greater story, some having been written, some not written. We are so concerned with tomorrow failing to realize the significance of yesterday.