Free Press Journal

Power of Seed


Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

There is a school of thought that holds to the belief that all life has sprung from one supreme source and everything in the world is a particle that is connected to that source. Hence, they believe that all Creation is a part of the Creator or that the Creator or God pervades each particle of Creation. However, if we investigate this concept logically, we can see that it is far from the truth. Let us take the example of a seed.

A seed is tiny but it is a creator; a particle too is tiny but it is a creation. A tiny seed has the power to produce a giant banyan tree. A tiny particle, however, is a nano part of something else. The seed has the capacity to produce a tree but a part of the tree such as the leaf, branch or flower cannot manifest all the qualities that the seed can. Human souls are like seeds. Each soul is an independent entity complete in itself. Each soul has the blueprint of creativity, life and eternal qualities like truth, peace and love which are paramount in Supreme. We must also understand a fact that human souls are not particles that have emanated from the Supreme Soul, as is believed by many.

HE is Supreme Being who does not get divided into particles. If that were so, then why does the Creation or the particles become degraded with time? Why are human souls devoid of all divine qualities which they should have if they were parts of Supreme? The soul is not a share of Supreme but it is a part of HIS Creation. Just as a man and his wealth are separate, and a man is called the master of his wealth or property, similarly, HE is the master Creator. HE alone has the power to recreate a perfect world of peace and happiness through HIS wisdom. How illogical it is to consider the Supreme Soul to be omnipresent on the one hand and on the other hand to consider human souls as His particles ? Hence, the truth is that souls are not particle but they are eternal immortal progeny of the Supreme Soul and as his children, we all inherit HIS property of wisdom, purity, peace and happiness in the new world that HE recreates for us.