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PM Modi speech in Jalandhar: Empty chairs and handful of people


Assembly elections are barely week away and all parties are trying every possible thing to get people vote for the upcoming Assembly polls. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Punjab’s Jalandhar district for a rally today, his speech was against his opponents and asking people to re-elect government of Akali Dal and BJP once again.

But the highlight of the rally was as soon as PM started speaking people from the crowd stood up and started walking. We can see the photos where there are empty chairs and very less crowd, very handful of people were there to listen PM.

PM Modi targeted Congress and asked not to vote for the opposition party in the coming assembly elections in five states. PM Modi said “The Congress is a sinking ship. The Congress is history. It is on its last breath”.

In addition, Aaam Aadmi Party’s Vandana Singh posted two videos that appear to show disenchanted crowd leaving the venue even when Modi was speaking. This would be embarrassing moment for the organiser that cannot turn audience for PM Modi rally.