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Philophonetics-Counselling I


The name Philophonetics was coined in 1986, meaning literally ‘Love of Sounds’ and broadly ‘conscious relationship to one’s experience through Sensing, Movement, Visualisations and the Sounds of human speech’.

It is a method of Exploration, Expression and Transformation of inner experiences which combines counselling, artistic expression, bodywork Self-observations. In all parts of the therapeutic process the client is completely in charge of it, being the sole source of information, observation choices and action.

The role of the therapist is to provide a range of useful possibilities, points of view, exercises and practical tools for achieving goals defined strictly by the client. A skilled, sympathetic, positive and imaginative listening is the main tool the Philophonetics-Counselling work.

A  profound purpose and meaning underlies the inner and outer life of every individual, and that fundamentally each one of us is potentially equipped to deal and to make use of the challenges and the opportunities presented on one’s journey.

Everyone is potentially capable of Knowing what is happening within one’s body and soul,.

Everyone  is potentially as strong as the strength of one’s experiences, good and bad, having the potential power to take charge of one’s life, and

Everyone  is potentially richly endowed with every quality one truly needs for one’s well being.

How do we Philophonetics-Counselling Practitioners do it?

Through a relaxed, warm and non-threatening skilled conversation the broad picture of your situation is being unravelled, laid out in front of you, non-judgementally observed, included and listened to. Very often this is the first time you gave yourself a special hour during which the full load of what occupies your mind, heart, gut and body can be fully shared and sympathetically listened to even by yourself, let alone by a sympathetic friend. For that is what a counsellor is: a sympathetic, objective, supportive professional friend, who, for a limited time, gives you an intense, caring and undivided attention. That by itself is a great release, relief, deepening, breathing and perspective-creating.