Free Press Journal

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional


Nityanand Charandas

Whenever we go through difficulties in life, the general tendency is to become depressed, discouraged and blame someone or something. But if we have the proper attitude and knowledge as to why the difficulties are there in our life, then these same difficulties can actually become the cause of our greatest growth in life and turn into greatest blessings.

Any amount of pain and pleasure that we experience, is the cause of our bad and good deeds respectively, performed in the past. In short, bad and good KARMA. So when we go through happy situations in life, we must know that it is due to the stock of our good deeds and by enjoying it, which we must, we are exhausting it. In other words, when we are going through pleasurable situations, our good KARMA is getting exhausted and therefore an intelligent person does not become proud with having all the facilities to enjoy. Rather he remains sober as the balance is decreasing.

Similarly, when a person is going through pain, big or small, he should know that his bad KARMA is getting exhausted, which is an occasion to rejoice. So in both pleasure and pain, we can remain stable knowing well the reasons behind them.

When we go through difficulties, if we just accept the fact that it is due to my bad KARMA and do not complain or blame anyone, and remain grateful to the Lord knowing fully well that we are just getting a token by His mercy, although we deserve more, then we will see that this attitude help us grow in life like never before. WE SHOULD NEVER BLAME THE INTRUMENT OF OUR KARMA. No one else is responsible for our happiness and distress. When we maintain this attitude, and work upon ourselves, rather than retaliating and this further implicating ourselves, the pain may be there ,but we will not suffer. It is a practical thing and if we have this Consciousness ,even for a short while and may be as a trial, we can feel that most wanted peace, even during trials and tribulations.