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‘Padmavati’ was a Queen, not a dancer: Gajendra


Mumbai : In the wake of the ongoing controversy over the upcoming movie Padmavati, actor and filmmaker Gajendra Chauhan has said that Rani Padmavati was a queen and not a dancer, like Sanjay Leela Bhansali has tried to show her in the film.

Retorting to threats that have been issued to the makers, Chauhan said that the team is not calling it a fictional movie, so it means that they are going with what has been written in the history and showing ‘Padmavai’ as a dancer is not appropriate.

“The makers have not said the movie is based on fiction. They are making the movie with a historical point of view. People have objections even on the part that have been shown. They have shown Padmavati as a dancer, but she was not a dancer, she was a queen. Kings and Queens never stand up and dance in the courtyard,” Chauhan told ANI.

The actor also noted that such moments makes everyone feel that if the makers have shown such moments, what the whole movie would be.