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The entire creation is a huge organization. Everything is made up of atoms. The whole world is nothing but an organization where the atoms have decided to arrange themselves in a specific pattern, to form a particular substance. And those particular patterns bring them specific qualities.

Death, decay and transformation happen when the atoms get bored with patterns and decide to reorganize themselves. When the atoms of an apple say, “Enough of being an apple,” that is when the rotting starts. If there is never boredom of patterns, there can be no decay.

The movement from one organized state to another is also organized. This is the transient organization which we call chaos. This transient organization may need a catalyst, and knowledge is such a catalyst. So, you have absolutely no escape from organization.

You cannot eliminate formality in society. It has its place. Formality improves communication. Communication is only necessary where there are two. Formality maintains duality. Cordiality improves communion – oneness. Without cordiality, formality can be hypocritical and may appear uncaring.

Love and knowledge are rooted in cordiality. For these to blossom, you need an informal, cordial environment.

Devotion is informal… and totally chaotic. So, strike a balance between cordial formality and formal cordiality!

When the Spirit identifies with the body, then it gets pinched and it looks for independence. Mind, intellect, ego – they all look for independence.

In looking for independence you often get stuck in the ego and become more miserable, but most people are not aware of their dependency. When they become aware of their limitations and dependency, the desire for independence arises.

On one level dependence is a harsh reality. On another level, it is an illusion because there is nothing else but the Self. It is only when you do not feel oneness, belongingness that you want independence. Because the Self is non-dual, there is no question of dependence or independence. One who asks for independence is a beggar. One who knows that it is an illusion is a king.

As the ego is not accustomed to belongingness, the mind finds every little excuse to revert back to the ego and to be aloof, independent and separate. It finds any small fault and blows it out of proportion.

Be aware of these tendencies and come what may, be strong in the commitment to satsang, to the path.