Free Press Journal

One Without a Second


What is human condition? When I talk about human condition, I am referring to each one of us, to everyone. Take a serious look at this human condition. What do you find? You will see that in the end there is only one condition and that we are all a part of it. There is only one person who exists and that person is who we all are. There is only one body, one heart and one mind. There is only one perceiver and that perceiver is you.

Many exclaim, “There is only one.” What they are referring to is a vague ‘one’ that is supposed to exist everywhere. But if that is what one truly believes, does one have the guts to take it seriously? Indeed, if there is only one, then that would have to mean that there is only you.

When you allow this kind of contemplation to begin or to manifest itself within you, you will suddenly feel things are getting very real. A whole imaginary world will fall away. And then the question arises: if there is only you, what are you going to do about the enormous crisis that you seem to be in? Will you allow yourself to fall back to sleep? Will you pretend that it all really doesn’t matter? Or, will you discover that you, through the realization that there is no other, have the ability to change it all simply by taking responsibility for the fact that there isn’t anybody else who you can ultimately rely on to do it? If there is ever going to be any significant change, it will all depend on you.

I came to a point in my own life when I realized that I could not rely on anybody else. I was no longer convinced by what I was hearing from others, I knew that if I wanted to figure anything out I was going to have to do it on my own. When I accepted this, the decision brought with it a lot of peace, because I stopped looking outside of myself for crucial answers. I no longer needed to look anywhere else for security or reassurance. I knew then without a doubt that it was up to me.