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Observe Kalpavasa Vrata to experience Sadhu’s lifestyle


Ujjain: A common man also can experience Sadhu’s lifestyle by undergoing a special Vrata known as ‘Kalpavasa’ which is also considered as a unique feature of Kumbh Mela. The tradition of going through Kalpavasa is more popular in Allahabad, Haridwar and to some extent in Nasik and Simhastha fair in the city.

Saint Madan mohandas of Nirmohi Akhara while talking to Free Press team enlightened about the significance of Kalpavasa, its method and objective for which a person undergoes this rigorous Vrata for at least 40 days. The saint said a person who undergoes the Vrata is conferred the title of ‘Kalpavasi’. Kalpavasis present a scene of Vanaprastha Dharma, which stands for retired forest life prescribed in the Vedas and during the time of Vrata the person has to live in austere and sober manner.

On question of the objective of Kalpavasa, the saint said the thought behind the Vrata is to get away from everyday routine and observe and absorb the true meaning of life by learning from the religious gurus, interacting with other Kalpavasis, experiencing the cultures, traditions and heritage of every part of the country at one single place. During the Kalpvasa, people eat ‘satwik’ and nutritious food and thus attain good health and develop maximum immunity. Hence, the procedure, time, duration, season, atmosphere and lifestyle of Kalpvasis bestow a naturally acquired immunity in natural form. And the quest for the absolute truth by leading austere life, like of sages is also one of the purposes of this penance, said the saint.