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New video of Hardik surfaces


Ahmedabad : A day after a purported sex video of Hardik Patel surfaced, another clip emerged on Tuesday inwhich a man resembling the Patidar quota stir spearhead is seen relaxing on a bed with two men and a woman. The man with a shaven head is seen drinking water while seated on the bed. Patel had tonsured his head in May this year with his supporters to protest against alleged police atrocities on members of his community during the quota agitation. Though Patel is yet to react to the second video, he had accused the BJP of playing “dirty politics”.

In the video, which appeared to have been shot in a hotel on May 16, 2017, a person with close resemblance to Patel was seen in a compromising position with an unidentified woman.Commenting on the sex clip purportedly showing him, the 24-year-old Patidar leader said it was the beginning of dirty politics and the BJP would release many more such “morphed” videos to defame him ahead of polls.

“Just a few days back, I had said such CDs will be circulated. This is just the beginning of dirty politics. I am sure BJP would circulate more CDs as the man who did it recently joined the party in Delhi,” he said.

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