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Never think that if X,Y, or Z will change only then will I change


Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

…continued from last week

Experience has shown that the greatest difficulty in this process of change is man’s own resistance or non co-operation or lack of will or absence of intention to change. But, in present day situation, when man dosen’t have constant happiness and one is not immune to ill-health and other sorrows and sufferings of the world and when the clouds of destruction are looming large in the form of nuclear weapons, there should not be any agitation in thoughtful persons to transform their life styles into a kind that does not bring sufferings to them. If once this process of transformation starts and a few people get transformed, then it automatically catches other people’s attention.

We must ask ourselves, is there anybody who does not like a smiling rose? None ! who would not like a cool morning breeze in sunny summer days or who would resist its refreshing and energising effect? Similarly, if there is a person who always wears a smile on his/her face and who always speaks words which are refreshing, energising and sweet as the nightingale’s melody, then who will be able to resist this temptation of being like this lovely fellow?

Does the innocence of a child not attract and impress all? Who has never in his life been nourished by milk? Archemedes had said ‘Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world’. Similarly, Almighty supreme says, if you change individually, you will be able to change through each one of you atleast a large part of the world. So, on your shoulder rests the responsibility of transformation of whole world. Never think that if X,Y, or Z will change only then will I change, because if I change, others around me will definitely change. So the whole process is of changing “I” and not “Them”.

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