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National Radio Day Today: Good, old radio has many takers in city


Indore: Radios have changed the world in many ways. Radio not only brought technology to every house but changed the means of entertainment forever. Recognising this feat, National Radio Day is observed on August 20 every year.  The day reminds people of wonderful possibilities innovative thinking brings.

Free Press talked to people about importance of radio in an internet era.

Celebrating Pokhran test

“We both are radio fans. While she (Charul) chose to become a radio-logist, I (Ankush) chose her. That’s the fun, which radio brought in our lives with entertaining programmes, essential news, cricket commentary and soulful music. One of the best radio memories that I have is of May 1998. We were on a trek to Kailash Mansarovar along China border. There were many military outposts on the way.  At Kalapani on May 13, there was an announcement by the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee about successful Pokhran tests. We heard that on the radio with jawans. I can never forget the elation, joy and celebration that followed.”

A learning experience

“I have worked as a radio jockey (RJ) and it was tremendous experience. Though it is old, it is gold. I transformed from an intern struggling to be a self-reliant person to a strong woman during my experience as RJ. I want to become a singer. Hopefully, my voice would reach people through music flowing from radio in years to come.”

Music, romance and games

“Radio was my favourite entertainment as a kid and still is. I love listening to radio for a number of reasons like discovering new music, catching up with news and fun games. My wife and I can enjoy a chat and nice time with radio on, which is not possible with television or internet. I feel radio bonds us instead of separating us into tiny virtual worlds. Though nowadays, radio is quickly becoming more of social media channel but we still prefer simple broadcasts and music.”