Free Press Journal

Moving on


My ex-boyfriend walked out on me 10 months ago. He started seeing someone within a couple of weeks. But during that time, we were also still sleeping with each other. I’ve been on a few dates and tried to move on, but he keeps telling me he wants me back and then he tells me he doesn’t. The other day he said he can’t trust me because I lied about the dates I’ve had and other things, so he just wants to be friends. I told him it would be too hard for me to do that. The thing is, I never cheated on him once when we were seeing each other, but he cheated several times and I forgave him. I’ve been talking to another guy now for a couple of weeks and we went on a date recently. I actually really like him and he wants to see me again. But the day after my date my ex texted, saying he can’t cope not having me in his life and wants us to give things another go. I do love him, but I’m so confused now. He hurt me very badly. Please help.

The whole thing seems to be a big mess. Why go back to someone who has hurt you so badly and continues to mess around with you still? He seems to be indecisive and compulsive cheater too. He was unfaithful to you throughout your relationship and he cheated on the girl he dated after dumping you. I honestly don’t think he’d be committed to you – he just doesn’t want anyone else to have you either.

He’s manipulative and knows what buttons to press to make you question your feelings. None of this is a good foundation to build a happy relationship upon. Neither is there any respect nor trust in the relation. I suggest you to ignore his texts and give things a go with this new man. When you meet someone you like and realise how good a relationship can be, you won’t give your ex a second thought.