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Modi should quit over Kanpur train mishap: Congress


New Delhi : The Congress on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Modi for claiming Pakistan’s hand in the Kanpur train mishap in November killing 150 and described it as a very low-level politicking of questioning patriotism of the political rivals in Uttar Pradesh.

If his narrative at the Gonda rally were true, then he should better resign, owning up the responsibility for his government’s failure to prevent Pakistan strike at the heart of the country with so many deaths, Congress general secretary C P Joshi told a Press conference at the AICC headquarters here. “Or else, he should fix the accountability of Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and make them resign.”

Dr Joshi questioned the PM’s claim that the train tragedy was a conspiracy from “across the border,” wondering why neither he nor anybody in the government ever said so in Parliament or outside. He wanted to know how Modi had come to such a conclusion when the investigations into the mishap are still not completed.

Accusing Modi of painting his political rival parties in the elections as anti-national and collaborators with the Pakistani conspirators, he regretted that Modi had lowered the dignity of the Prime Ministerial chair.

“In the face of a clear defeat, he is getting desperate, losing balance. He is brazenly playing the polarisation card. How else should he say that his political opponents were working with Pakistani conspirators?”

The Congress leader said Modi was directly accusing the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) collaborating with the Pakistani conspiractors in his Gonda speech that he concluded with the remarks: “SP, BSP ka ek bhi nahin jeetna chahiye. Shat pratishat BJP ko vijay banana chahiye (None from SP, BSP should win, hundred per cent from the BJP).”

He said Prime Minister Modi should better not create fear of Pakistan in the election campaign, particularly when his government invited the rogue Pakistani intelligence agency ISI to investigate the Pathankot terror attack and he himself indulged in failed saree-shawl diplomacy with his Pakistani counterpart.