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Meera’s Longing For Krishna


More than four fifths of Meerabai’s songs have the thread of VIRAHA woven through them. This condition as reflected in Bhakti yoga may be defined as – “ a state in which the devotee who has already undergone peak divine experiences finds himself at a loss, due to a feeling of separation from proximity to the divine. He thus experiences anguish due to discontentment and an intense longing for union.

What did Krishna do to her before he left her? In the song ‘dekhyo koi nandakelala’,  she  says, “Oh heli, have you seen the flute player, son of Nanda ? He has taken off with my mind, and sealed my body with the lock of loneliness. He has filled my ears with his message and has removed the lining from my bed. He has maimed me with the arrow of separation and torn my heart. Without him my life is shattered, the eyes shed copious tears. Where is he? Fulfill me with his presence. I have abandoned food and drink, yet my affliction abandons me not. I keep calling out to the beautiful coiffured one, Mohan! Mohan! Gardens and woods Have I searched in vain for I have not found life’s dearest one. Oh heli, unite Hari to me and thus save Meera’slife .”

Meera’s involvement with her antaryamin has made her give up all royal comforts, all womanly decorations and ornaments that sustain the body – mind equipment of a human being. On top of it all she has cast aside her family’s and her Rajput traditions, thereby incurring shame.

Through her songs we shall all be saved! In chalanwahi des she beckons us all to join her in her final journey.

“ Let us all go to that land where we shall have our Beloved. It matters not how we get there. We may be in colourful silken clothes, or dressed in ochre robes. The parting of our hair may be lined with pearls. We may let our hair form matted locks. It matters not how we get there. Listen oh Ruler, this Shri Giridhar Nagar is Meera’s Lord.”

Bolo- Shri Giridhar Nagar Bhagavanki jai!