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Life lessons from 5 elements of life


Most of us know that human beings cognize the physical world through five essential sensory organs. But what is not so widely known, is the fact that each of these senses is related to one of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

The Earth element is related to the sense of smell. Water is related to the organ of taste because without water the tongue cannot taste. Fire manifests light, heat and colour and is related to vision. Air is related to the sense of touch, the sensory organ of touch being the skin and Ether or Space is the medium through which sound is transmitted thus, the ethereal element is related to the hearing function.

The Five Elements represent the universe of matter-energy. Any imbalance in these five elements creates disease in the human body. The aim of strengthening and balancing the elements is to correct internal and external imbalance and ensure a healthy, peaceful and stress-free life.

As important as it is to connect with the five basic elements that compose your physical being, it is also important to conform to the Pancha Sutras or the five lessons of Life. Let me elaborate.

  1. Perform right action – Do your duties or any action that you are doing without any guilt or emotional burden. Whether in the professional or personal circle, do what you are doing happily, and the results will change for the positive.
  2. Break the barrier – The Universe always helps you when you break the barrier. Most of us do not have faith in the Universe so we don’t ask for help. Try and the Universe will offer help. Never say that you cannot do a thing – you will never evolve. Never go by preset norms and ideas, never go by what others think or say. Learn to Break your own barriers.
  3. Grow by ‘giving’ – By this, I mean, Giving not only in material terms. You can Give Knowledge, Give Love, Smiles, Support, Compassion, and Understanding. That is when real transformation will happen. When you stretch yourself a little bit, you will take baby steps from ‘I’ to ‘You’. Do not expect anything in return. Give whole heartedly, have faith and the Universe will give back. Life is an Echo. If you say I Love you, the universe will respond and say I love you. Love will multiply.
  4. Set your goals – Long term or short term, set goals for yourself and keep accomplishing them. But do not expect quick marvels. Keep pushing towards your goals slowly and gently and they will be accomplished. Through life’s way, these goals will also keep you happy and engrossed. Also remember you will always reach your goal if you put your heart into whatever you are doing.
  5. Connect with the divine – Learn to connect with and tap into the Energy pool of the Universe. If you are uncomfortable with the word ‘Divine or ‘God’, you are free to term it anything from cosmic to universal energy. Connect with that energy. Cosmic help will come to you provided you ask for it. In meditation and prayer, focus on asking for help. In practicality, work out solutions. Do not over expect, but trust in the powers of the Universe and answers will come to you.