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Learn about Swagyan – Knowledge of the Self


The other day I watched a show called Cosmos on national geographic channel. I was awe struck at the vastness of the entire cosmos. I found myself wondering where I fit in this infinite scheme of the universe only to realise that I am even smaller than a speck of dust. And this tiny little me makes myself to be so big with my ego, my problems, my issues. We all feel like the world only revolves around “I’, “Me” and “Myself”.

Who am I? was a question raised at the ashram by a student attending the bodh session with my Guruji Shri Dadashriji. Every bodh session is different each time, as the topics raised are automatically answers to the questions that every member comes with, in their heart. This time Dadashriji spoke of the “Saptaang Marg”—The seven-fold path. And to answer the question raised by the student He elaborated on the “Marg of Swagyan” – knowledge of the self.

When we genuinely start finding answers to questions like Who has made us? Where do we come from? Where do we go? Where do thoughts come from? What is our purpose? Etc., we start getting closer to finding ourselves. But our problem is that we have acquired all the knowledge of this world and the other worlds, but we have no knowledge of our inner world.

We know what we are, but we do not know who we are, for instance, when asked who are you? You will promptly answer that I am the CEO of ABC company or I am a wife / husband of so and so or I am an artist etc. But the question ‘who am I’ remains unanswered. We often ask others, how are you? but have you ever asked yourself how you are? We will never understand the outer world unless we understand ourselves.

This inward journey seems difficult because of ‘Agyan’— ignorance, which is opposite of Swagyan. Our mind is ignorant says Dadashriji. If we are ignorant, we cannot become awakened or enlightened. A normal human being only understands that he has to earn money and enjoy life. But try to befriend yourself, spend some time with yourself. Try to be ‘Swa’ – self. God has made this world so attractive that we cannot see the God within. We keep the churches and temples clean, but we do not clean our inner temple.