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It’s only human to be unpredictable


Let the rigidity within you also have some softness

No two days are alike. What you experienced yesterday, you are not going to have exactly same experience today. At times it may be similar or very close, but never exactly the same. But we humans often take other souls for granted and presume that come what may, he or she would react in same way that person had reacted last time in almost similar situation. And when the person reacts differently, we are taken aback. Not used to seeing this person react in similar manner, we don’t know what prompted him or her to do so. But, why should one be predictable? It is perfectly human to be unpredictable.

Have you ever seen the winds blow in only one direction? If they did, the tress would never stand tall but rather always be bent towards the direction in which the winds blow in and out every single day. Very fact the winds blow in all directions at any given time, helps the tree stand all and grow. Same applies with humans too. Allow yourself to explore the unexplored. I’m not saying it is bad to be rigid or static, but let that rigidity also have some softness.

I have a friend who plays for a local band in Goa. Anytime you see him, he is always accompanied with earphones listening to some music or the other. When he performs, he performs like there is never going to be tomorrow. One day, I went to his place. An ancestral house surrounded with lush greenery on all sides and completely cut off from the main hustle bustle of city. A brass bell was hung outside the teakwood door giving every visitor an ethnic feel. I was so keen to see his music studio and all the latest gadgets that I presumed would be placed on every corner of his house that instead of ringing the bell once or twice I must have hit the gong not less than 10 times.

As my friend opened the door and greeted me, I could not help but notice the absence of earphones. The furniture in the house was century old and neatly arranged. As I moved into every room I realized, there was not even a television set forget the music system or any other musical instrument. Not being able to hold back my curiosity I asked my friend about this total disconnect. What he said made me taste yet another, slice of life.

“Just because I’m a musician does not mean I play or listen to the same kind of music at my resting abode too. Yes, I do listen to a different kind of music when I’m at home and it does not require any kind of electronic gadget. Chirping of the birds makes up for all the melodious tunes, whisper of the winds turn into beautiful lyrics.”

I was left speechless, felt the guilt within of building up certain notions based on my friend’s day to day appearance. Just then, a strong breeze brushed passed me. And I knew, the real concert was here to begin.