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Indore: There will be no elections if Narendra Modi becomes PM again, says Hardik Patel


Indore: Kisan Kranti Sena national president Hardik Patel on Sunday said that no elections will be held in the country if Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister again in 2019. He said that Modi will make a rule like in China where the President has made his tenure for indefinite period.

Addressing the media persons at Indore Press Club, he said that he did not like Modi because he always tells lie. “People have supported him in 2014 but what he has given is a bundle of lies and jumlas,” Patel said. Commenting on Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Patel said, “Shivraj Singh Chouhan is saying that farmers’ agitation in Madhya Pradesh is a flop show. I just want to ask him that was he expecting violence from the farmers to judge the success of agitation. Farmers had already stated that their protest would be peacefully.”

Patel also questioned the krishi karman award received by the state for five times and said that the farmers in the state are still committing suicide and are in poor state. “Shivraj Singh Chouhan claims himself a farmer’s son but whenever farmers raise their voice for justice, he calls them Congressmen or the conspiracy by Congress,” he added.

Patel also stated that he is not with any party and is working to find the answers of many issues across the country. “We are neither with Congress nor with BJP. We will support those who have plans for development and relief for farmers.” Patel also cleared that he will not contest election and is working to find the answers for people’s problem.

He will not float party like Arvind Kejriwal and will contest election only when he has the blue print of development and solution for people’s problems. Patel also announced that he will take out a rally from Amarkantak which will be of 20 days including 10-12 days in Malwa Nimad region to make people aware against fake promises of politicians.