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Indore: Temples, mosques, crematoria are IMC’s tax defaulters


Temples, mosques and crematoria are major property tax defaulters. Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has sent letters to management of several shrines asking them to clear their outstanding property tax dues. “Property tax worth crores of rupees is pending against temples and mosques in the city. Tax is also pending on some crematoria. Only those shrines, which are run by trust pay tax,” said IMC revenue department incharge Suraj Kero.

As per information, tax dues worth Rs 3 crore are pending against shrines and crematoria located in municipal limit. “This amount is only for 2016-17. If pending amount of other fiscal years are also added, the dues won’t be less than Rs 20 crore,” said Kero. The IMC has also written letters to Indore Development Authority, police department, public works department and other state government departments to clear their outstanding property tax dues.

Kero said government agencies do not pay property tax on time. “We have written several times to government departments to clear their dues but they paid no heed. We have now decided to write to state government about the departments defaulting tax,” he said.