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Indore: Swachh city insensitive towards siren wailing ambulance


Indore is number one in swatchhata and the denizens are known for their love, care and hospitality. But they often turned insensitive towards siren wailing ambulance seeking passage in its attempt to save precious human life. This attitude, certainly, denting city’s image. There were many cases where citizens neglected the sirens of an ambulance and preferred to make way for themselves first.

In an incident on Wednesday evening, commuters did not bother to give way for an ambulance ferrying a young boy with oxygen mask. The siren wailing ambulance was stuck in a traffic jam at Saify Nagar Square and the commuters ignored the emergency siren and did not make any attempt to give way for the ambulance. The ambulance driver was asking people to give way for the emergency vehicle but instead of trying to give way, most of the commuters were making excuses for not having any space to move.

The vehicles were moving at snarls pace and the ambulance stuck at the square where no traffic cop was deployed. After seeing the scenario, Free Press’ photojournalist Anand Shivre jumped into the traffic and tried to make way for the ambulance. Fortunately, he succeeded in the attempt and the ambulance could move out of the jam soon. Later, some other people including Burhani guards also came to help in getting the ambulance move out of the congestion. The patient couldn’t be followed but the incident exposed the insensitivity of Indoreans towards this serious issue.

“I don’t have any information about such incident occurred on Wednesday but we have already directed the cops to make way for the ambulance and fire brigade vehicles during traffic jams. People should also cooperate in such situation. We will alert the cops for the same again.”

PS Meena Additional Superintendent of Police (Traffic-West)

What they say

“People should behave in more sensitive way and must understand that an ambulance with siren wailing is always carrying a patient who needs urgent medical attention. Emergency vehicle needs to move out of the traffic without any hurdle and with little help people can save one’s life.”

Shaurya Malhotra Engineer

“Only few people slow down or wait until the ambulance passes, while some others — especially autorickshaw and magic drivers — literally chase the ambulance to make the most of the window created for them. Nothing is more important than one’s life.”

Mayank Silawat Businessman

“Indoreans are sensitive about social issues but such emergency things should be addressed as there is no system for clearing the way for ambulances except Green Corridors. Police and administration should also take steps for the same.”

Neti Upadhyay Sales Executive

“I always use to make way for emergency vehicles during traffic congestions but it is true that many people ignore them ahead of their rush. An awareness campaign for the same is need of the hour and it should also be included in school curriculums.”

Jitendra Kelotra Manager, private firm