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Indore: Students granted ATKT but later declared fail


Thousands of BSc first year students, who were allowed to keep term (ATKT) a week ago, were suddenly declared fail in examination prompted a group of students to throng Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV)’s RNT Marg campus to know why their results were changed. “Actually, the mistake was ours. We wrongly granted ATKT to students. But we have corrected our mistake,” examination controller Asheesh Tiwari told a group of students from Government Maharani Laxmibai Post Graduate Girls College also known as New GDC.

This led to heated exchange between students and the examination controller. The students wanted the university to revoke the revised results and implement the initial one. The exam controller told them “that’s not possible”.  “There is no provision for ATKT in annual system of exam. Since you people are in yearly exam system, ATKT could not be granted to you,” said Tiwari. In semester system, students are granted ATKT even if they fail in four subjects.

But in yearly system, students are granted supplementary if they fail in one subject. Those who flunked in more than one subject in BSc first year are declared fail. “This is not done,” aggrieved students told Tiwari who in turn suggested students to apply for revaluation of answer books.


Software not calibrated
Tiwari said yearly system was launched from 2017-18 so it was the first annual exam. “We should have calibrated our software keeping annual system of exam in mind. Since we did not do our job, the mistake occurred,” he said. He added that university corrected its mistake when some students brought to their notice that ATKT was granted to students in yearly exam system.

Direct college to refund fee
Students, who were declared fail in BSc first year exams, informed Tiwari that they paid fee of second year and requested him to direct their college to refund their fee. The university delayed results due to which we have taken provision admission in second year. “As of now, we have failed, we have lost our fee,” they said. The university held first year exam in April. It was supposed to declare results by August 14, the last day to take admission but it delayed the results by one-and-a-half-months.

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