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Indore: She is a living donor and she rocks


Indore: Success is not determined by how much we earn, it is determined by how we affect the lives of people around us. Understanding what makes life valuable and successful,  Ayushi Datta donated her kidney to save her mom’s life in 2013. She earned her place as a woman of substance in society, by standing with her mother and also with other patients by facilitating organ donation. She has started an NGO ‘Ayushi Ek Prayas Samaj Seva Samiti’.

Sharing her story, Ayushi said, “I was brought up in a simple family, as her parents Vinod and Anuradha are bank managers in Jhabua district.

Coming from a family, where most discussions revolved around bank rates, interest and loans, she developed an aversion towards banking industry. “My parents did not want me to go into banking either, because change is must for growth,” Ayushi said. Though, her parents supported her in not opting for commerce, they restricted her from giving wings to her creative dreams. “Like most conservative parents, they felt that opting for arts would mean the end of a good career,” Ayushi said.

Trying to keep her dreams alive while ensuring that her parents are happy, she took biology as her main subject. “I hated numbers, but I love diagrams of biology, so I decided to opt for medical stream,” Ayushi said.

As she failed the pre-medical test, Ayushi studied bioinformatics in graduation and post-graduation. “While doing my masters in bioinformatics, I had opted for a course in event management,” Ayushi said.

While bioinformatics failed to interest her, event management charmed her and gave her an opportunity to express her creativity. “I took a job in event management firm in Mumbai,” Ayushi said. Since, she enjoyed her job and was good at it, she progressed well. “Everything was perfect, and then my mother had some serious health issues,” Ayushi said. Being busy in her life, she did not research much into her sickness, but took off from work and visited her parents frequently. “In 2012, my mother had a severe problem and had to be hospitalised,” Ayushi said.

Taking a cue from the alarming degrading health of Anuradha, the Datta family took her to Dahod, Gujarat for proper diagnosis. “I can recall how the doctors questioned us making us realise that we had been ignorant of her problems,” Ayushi said.

She explained that doctors told them that Anuradha was on the verge of death and had been in a critical condition. “I found out then that doctors had advised her to go for dialysis in 2010, but ignoring the doctor’s opinion, my father had not put her on it,” Ayushi said. She explained that her mother is a strong woman and she pretended that she was okay. “Mom had been smiling and playing along, so my father felt that doctors were wrong,” Ayushi said.

After diagnosis of kidney failure, the family took Anuradha to Nariyad, UP for treatment. “One of her kidneys had shrunk and the other was filled with stones, so we were advised to either go for dialysis or a transplant,” Ayushi said. Since, her mom wanted to continue working and dialysis seemed more painful, the family decided to look for donors. “My father is a heart patient, so he could not donate, and because of family obligations, none of my uncle and aunts would donate,” Ayushi said. The only prospective donors were me and my elder brother Vivek. “We had a long discussion about who would donate and I convinced him that since he earns more, he can support financially,” Ayushi said. Ayushi donated left kidney to her mother on April 15, 2013. After the operation, her life remained same in aspects of day-to-day routine, but her perspective changed. “I noticed that people are scared of organ donation,” Ayushi said. She shared the story of a man, who had 4  children but none of them would donate kidney to him. “I decided to work for organ donation awareness and studied social work,” Ayushi said.

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