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Indore: Schools mulling indefinite shutdown to create pressure


Indore: Fighting arrest of DPS principal Sudarshan Sonar, principals of other schools in city on Tuesday held an emergency meeting and discuss strategies to proceed ahead in freeing their jailed colleague. According to sources, the principals are planning to seek government’s intervention and also, announce indefinite shutdown of schools to put pressure on parents as well as the government.

Principals and management officials of member schools of Association of Unaided CBSE Schools and Sahodaya Group, including principal Rajesh Awasthi, Nalini Paul, DC Sharma, HC Tiwari, Prakash Choudhary, Mohit Yadav, Poonam Sharma, Reena Khurana, Sachitra Gandhi and Punita Nehru participated in the meeting.

Sharing details of the meeting, president of the association, Anil Dhupar said “Arrest of Sonar is not acceptable at all; it is not justified. All the principals here agree and feel that if 30 parents raise their voice and police arrest a school principal on the basis of that, then 50 principals too can hit the streets and create a scene to press for their demands,” Dhupar said.

Claiming people are no more willing to become principal and Indore is becoming a black city, Dhupar said “More than 90 per cent of principals in Indore come from different cities. If a school principal is arrested in such a way, no teacher would ever come to Indore in future,” Dhupar said.

“Principals are just doing their jobs. So, treating them like criminals and arresting them for an accident is not justified at all and especially, because schools do not have expertise in bus transport. Rather, we ask why the RTO has not been arrested yet,” Dhupar argued.

“Jaspreet (mother of deceased DPS student Harpreet) slapped DPS vice principal Asha Nair. How come she has not been arrested then?” Dhupar said, informing that Asha would be filing a report seeking arrest of Jaspreet soon.

“We are educationist, and if government has no issue taking action based on protest by 30 parents, the school principals too can take charge and demand action against parents and this foul play. If action favouring schools is not taken we will shut down schools permanently until government agrees,” Dhupar warned.

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