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Indore: Plants too have valentines but no dedicated day for them


Indore: Valentine’s Day is meant for the couples tied in the bond of love, not only humans but plants too have their valentine partner. Surprised! Meet Dr Vinodlal Shroff, who believes that plants get nurture well when have good partner to grow old.

The 83-year-old agriculture scientist has the solutions for all the problems the world is facing including global warming, water scarcity, low agriculture output and pollution with his zero-investment techniques. Dr Shroff doesn’t keep his experience and knowledge to convert the waste in ‘gold’ with him only but teaches to the children to pass the knowledge to the next generation.

“What people are doing is focusing on the issues and not on their solutions which can be easily implemented with the help of Mother Nature, to whom we are hurting for our own advantage,” he said. Retired as the Dean of JN Agriculture College University in Jabalpur, Dr Shroff researched over the live-in relationship of plants and said that legume, the three-leafs plant, can be planted with flowering or grains plant which fix the nitrogen quantity to raise the production.

“Legume, plants of pulses, can end the dependency on urea and pesticides and plants can get a better environment to grow with a better plant. This can be grown with the vegetables too in houses to get poison free food,” he said.

Dr Shroff’s research for plants has been adopted by many farmers in Punjab and it is adopted by the farmers in Madhya Pradesh, dependent on rains, in Barwaha tehsil of Khargone district.

“The technique can increase the production by 25-30 per cent with almost negligible investment. Farmers in Barwaha have been producing wheat with the same technique of ‘live-in partner plants’ as they have grown pulses with it to increase the production without dependency on poisonous pesticides,” Dr Shroff said.

Use creepers to pull house’s temp down

According to Dr Shroff, using air conditioners for cooling the house is harmful for the environment as it releases carbon gases which participate in global warming. “If one wants to cool the house, then he/she must grow creepers on the wall where Sunlight falls directly. Creepers provide natural shade to the house and also absorb excess sunlight to keep the house cool,” he said while showing the ‘creepers shadow’ at his home.

Grow vegetables on your terrace by watering plants in 10 days

If one wants to get fresh and poison free vegetables daily then he/she must grow vegetables on terrace by new hydroponic method, also known as lantern pattern in which a rope is fixed with the pot filled with the soil and dry leaves.

“This method is also a solution for managing the waste generated by dry leaves and the humus helps the plants to produce more,” Dr Shroff said. Moreover, the method doesn’t need pots as it can be made through waste boxes and containers in the house.

VIBGYOR can help in photosynthesis

The agriculture expert coloured the plants in his house in seven colors to teach the children about VIBGYOR and photosynthesis. “Yellow, Blue and Green light help the plants to perform photosynthesis better. In case of no light one can grow plants under the light of these colours,” he added.

He is teaching the methods to the people from all ages in free and his daughter too learnt the same from him and experimenting in her own way.