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Indore: PIMR students amazed by team work at D&H


Students gathered after visit to chat over their lessons

Indore: Emphasizing importance of practical lessons, Dr Satnam Ubeja took students of Prestige Institute of Management and Research for industrial visit to D&H Secheron Electrodes Pvt Ltd on Wednesday. More than 30 students visited the industry.

Learning about various functions in the industrial along with managerial lessons, students discussed importance of team management in product line functioning. Discussing his observation, management student Harsh Vyas said, “These industries are so well organised despite no clear instructions, everyone knows what to do and how to do it.”
He was amazed by the team work that makes the process smooth. “It is very simple that if A does not complete his job, B can’t work, but to see people understanding and working in sync was amazing,” Vyas said.

Sharing his lessons, management student Gaurav Singh Chandel said, “The industry makes welding rods and sends the same item all over India and world, which means they have to maintain a standard size.” During discussions, he questioned industrialist Satish Mishra about research and standard sizes.

To which, Mishra explained, “We have to often research about latest requirements and modify size, quality and product according to customers.” He added that changes are often troublesome, but with experience trained employees can do the job properly.

Understanding the importance of training, Chandel said, “I can see why training and loyalty from staff is important because this kind of job cannot be allotted to a newbie.” He added that working on these machines required skill, precision and practise. Talking about the need of such visits, Satnam said, “When students are being taught about training or team work, their ideas and exposure limits to their friends.” She explained that understanding of an industry cannot be explained to students, who have not seen or worked in one.

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