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Indore: Mercury dips by 5 notches as cold wave grips city


Indore: Cold wave continued to grip the city on Wednesday pushing maximum temperature to 22 degree Celsius. Like Tuesday, citizens couldn’t see the sunlight on Wednesday too due to clouds hovering city skyline. Night temperature was also plummeted by four degrees Celsius from the temperature recorded on Tuesday.

The winds continued to make weather chilly. Officials of Meteorological department said that the condition would remain same for more days and the night temperature would fall further. The Met department recorded night temperature at 13.2 degrees Celsius, which was two degrees above the normal while the day temperature at 22 degrees Celsius, five degrees below the normal.

Due to intense cold winds blowing from the north-eastern part of the country, the city would experience severe cold in the next couple of days. The sky would also get clear and night temperature will plummet further, the Met department said. Officials said that the city would also witness foggy conditions in coming days due to increase in humidity which was recorded at 74 per cent in the morning and 68 per cent in the evening.

City’s climatology in December

Indore experiences winter from December. This is the driest month of the year. The normal minimum temperature varies between 9.0 degrees Celsius and 11 degrees Celsius and the mean minimum temperature is 10.7 degrees Celsius. Sky is generally clear. The days are comparatively warm but comfortable. The maximum temperature is 27.2 degrees Celsius. Surface winds are generally light and usually from North or Northwesterly direction. The average rainfall is 6.1 mm. However, heavy amounts of rainfall occurred in some years.

There is Mist / haze in the early morning almost every day leading to poor visibility. Indore also experiences fog. The average number of days of fog is 1.1 and the average number of rainy days is 0.4. Sometimes cold winds from North are also drawn over the area in association with cyclonic storm moving over the southern parts of Bay of Bengal.

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