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Indore: Low visibility forces plane diversion at Indore


Days after the Daye Cyclone had pounded Indore, all’s not well with the skies and this was witnessed on Tuesday when a Bengaluru-Indore flight had to be diverted to Ahmedabad owing to low visibility at the Devi Ahilybai Holkar Airport. Due to the delay of more than three hours, passengers of the onward flight, to be carried by the same aircraft, created ruckus at the city airport.

Indigo flight E6-811 Bengaluru-Indore faced the brunt of bad weather. It was to land here at 7.30 am and from here the flight was to reach Kolkata via Raipur. But inclement weather forced it to touch the tarmac only at 9.50 am. According to offcial sources, the flight was close to the airport on time, but the pilot then expressed his inability to land due to poor visibility and sought diversion to Ahmedabad.

Meanwhile, stranded passengers here created ruckus as the flight got delayed. Passenger Tanuj Dixit alleged that airline staff did not provide information which led to chaos. They also alleged that first the airline staff stated that the flight would land around 8.30 am. Later, they mentioned 9.20 am as the arrival time.

Finally around 9.50 the aircraft landed safely.  Passengers Hemant Shukla and Naveen Kumar Soni and businessman Sangram Singh complained that due to the delay of more than 3 hours and the uncertainty of connecting flights, their appointments got botched. Even the airline staff did not care about the children but later they provided snacks to them.MS Alawa, officiating airport director, informed that owing to low visibility the flight was diverted to Ahmedabad. After almost 3 hours of delay, the flights returned here.

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