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Indore: ‘Karate kids’ bring laurels to city


Indore: Discovering their passion at the age of three, two students— 10-year-old Aarya Choudhary and 13-year-old Akshansh Choudhary— added feathers to their cap by making into top three positions in the 3rd Karate Warriors All India Karate Championship 2017 held at Shimla recently. Sharing her achievement, Aarya said, “I won two gold medals in under-11 category, which has been the best start to this year’s summer vacation!” She loves karate, finds it to be skillful and relaxing. Discussing his achievement, Akshansh said, “I bagged two bronze medals in under-14 category, which has been thrilling and challenging experience.” He elaborated that competition was quite tough for him, but he enjoyed it.

Talking about how she was inspired to take up karate, Aarya said, “I saw my elder brother practising his moves, which looked fun.” She imitated Akshansh’s moves and expressed her likeness for the sport. Walking in her brother’s footsteps, Aarya discovered Karate to be her favourite sport. “I like swimming, kathak dance and drawing, but I love Karate, it is powerful,” Aarya said. Discussing her interests, she talked about different feelings associated with each sport. “Karate makes me feel brave and strong, which is what I want to be: a strong, smart and competent girl,” she said. Chatting about how she indulged her children in Karate, homemaker Ritu Choudhary said, “Akshansh would always jump around and end up hurting himself.” Getting worried at his numerous injuries, she decided to consult a doctor. “Paediatrician Dr Neel Saxena advised us to enrol him in sports,” Ritu said. Since, Akshansh had a destructive nature, she decided to send him to karate class.

Akshansh loved the idea of getting stronger and fighting his own battles. “I feel powerful and happy whenever I practise karate,” he said. Talking about changes in him, Ritu quoted, “I thought he would get tired from karate and sleep, instead his stamina improved and he is naughtier than ever.” However, she cannot complain much, because he excels in sports and academics. Discussing the skill of children, coach Vikash Sharma said, “Though we have lots of talented students, these little gems have made their special mark with hard work and dedication.” He explained that Aarya and Akshansh never say no to practise. “Most importantly, I feel it is their mother’s commitment and dedication, which has brought them this far,” Sharma said. He explained that many of his students are equally dedicated.  “Ritu brings them to class whenever I organise a session, be it morning or evening, which is not something that most mothers can manage,” Sharma said. He explained that due to their mother’s interest and support, these kids are able to move faster and achieve their goals.