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Indore: IMC goes hyper on e-payments


While the city petrol pumps have already started giving additional discount of .75 per cent for purchases made using debit/credit or e-wallet, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has taken a series of initiatives to give a further push to digital payments.  “The Digital India programme is a flagship programme of Smart City Indore with a dream to change the city into a digitally endowed society and awareness economy. For achieving our goal, we have taken many steps,” said municipal commissioner Asheesh Singh.

“Faceless, Paperless, Cashless” is one of acknowledged role of Smart Indore. Promotion of digital payments has been accorded uppermost significance by the city to bring each and every division of the municipal area under the prescribed fold of digital payment services.  “The dream is to deliver competence of unified digital payment to all residents of Indore in an appropriate, easy, affordable, speedy and secured manner,” Singh said.

The city has been assigned with the accountability of leading this initiative on “Promotion of Digital Transactions including Digital Payments”. The IMC is working on various strategies, ideation with multiple stakeholders including banks, departments, various industries stakeholders for create an ecosystem to enable digital payments across the city. Of late, it convinced petrol pumps in the city to increase the discount on fuel on purchase been made using debit/credit cards or e-wallets.

The restaurants and hotels in the city are also giving two to three per cent of discount on digital payments. “The city is working on strengthening of digital payment infrastructure and creating awareness through promotions of digital payments with all the stakeholders to achieve government’s vision of making citizens of this city digitally empowered,” Singh said. Citizens have been provided multiple options to make digital transactions. A dedicated “Digiteam? has been setup in the city for building strategies and approaches in collaboration with all stakeholders to promote digital payments and create awareness.

Route to digi payments

* Petrol pumps convinced to give additional discount on purchases of fuel using credit/debit cards and e-wallets

* Hotels and restaurants are also given two to three percent of discount on digital payments

* Digital payment transactions target have been assigned to, public sector and private sector banks to achieve the target

* Training and workshops on digital payments awareness with several department have been conducted and planned Promotional           materials on publicity of digital payments including IEC materials is being shared with stakeholders to create awareness and                   sensitization

* Digital payment dashboard has been created to track and monitor the progress of digital transactions achieved by banks

* Promotion and awareness approach framework on digital payments has been shared with banks

* Cash back schemes for taxpayers and buyers

* Merchant incentive schemes

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