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Indore: ‘Green corridor’ created for speedy delivery of organs


Indore: Heart and liver of a 20-year-old brain dead woman were today rushed in less than 10 minutes via ‘green corridor’ for organ transplantation from a busy city area to the airport for separate destinations.”The ‘green corridors’ were created twice in the city with the help of the traffic police and district administration, from a private hospital at Choithram crossing to the airport for transporting the two vital organs donated by the woman’s family.

“The organs were transported in about 8 minutes to a distance of nearly 15 kms from the Choithram crossing to the airport in the hospital ambulance,” an official of the Indore Society for Organ Donation said. “The donated heart was then sent to Mumbai, while the liver was charted out to Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, Delhi to provide new lease of life to two persons,”he added.

The donor, Sonia Chouhan, fell at her home yesterday and sustained a serious injury to her head, he said. The doctors treating her declared her brain dead after which her family members agreed to donate her vital body parts on being motivated for the noble cause, the official said. Sonia’s family members have also decided to donate her eyes and skin. These organs would be implanted into the needy persons at the local level, he added.