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Indore: Govt apathy responsible for rise in death of peasants- Chawada


Dewas: While addressing district farmers here on Saturday, Congress leader Bhagwan Singh Chawada has said debt is not the only reason for increasing number of suicides in the state. He said red-tapism is also equally responsible such deaths.

Launching an attack on the State Government, Chawada said that the government machinery is not ready debt is one of the major causes of farmer deaths. “Look at the number of deaths in the last three to four years. Today, the BJP government is saying that the Congress had done nothing for the country in the last 60 years but the truth is that the country is standing today only because of the Congress,” Chawada said.

He added that in last 15 years, the BJP had been misleading people in the name of development and soon people would throw them out of power.

Chawada said exorbitant electricity bills by the power Discoms is another reason for suicides and he criticised the inhuman method of recovery of the power Cos. He said corruption in the government departments was also played a part in suicide cases among farmers.
Quoting an example of one farmer from Lohar Pipliya village, Chawada said the farmer purchased agriculture land at Rs 25 lakh per acre but he has to sell this land at Rs 10 lakh per acre to repay his loan.

He said in Dewas, hundreds of farmers turned to the weekly public hearing with their grievances related to land and were waiting for their redressal.