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Indore: Fluctuating temperature takes toll, patients prey to disease


Fluctuating temperature has led to a sudden influx of patients in city hospitals. They all have fallen prey to seasonal diseases like cold and cough, viral fever, eye and stomach infections. “Fickle weather conditions have led to an increase in incidence of viral diseases. On an average 10 patients visit my clinic daily. Most of them complain of viral fever and stomach infection,” said general physician Dr Mahendra Jha. “If weather continues to play truant, there can be 20% increase in number of patients,” he added.

Dr Jha said that patients with high-grade fever, who complaint of vomiting and severe headache, are suspected cases of dengue or malaria. But on investigation most of them test negative. “Incidence of viral fever is on the rise. The fever lasts at least five days and leaves patient suffering from extreme weakness and severe body ache,” said general physician Shruti Tiwari. Apart from regular medicine, a patient has to avoid loss of body fluid, she said and added that rest is vital.

Meanwhile, Dr Ashutosh Sharma, physician, said, “I am witnessing 10 fresh cases of fever every day, including half of the patients are children.”