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Indore: Cuddle Corner; Finding best friends in pets


Indore: Love teaches true lessons of life and transforms existence into experience. Growing up surrounded by peacocks, deer, rabbits, pigeons and chickens in 90s, 34-year-old petrol pump owner Durgesh Gole loves animals dearly and has built a separate house for 10 dogs near his workplace other than two dogs that still at his house.

More than a house, he has given them his heart. “Whenever my kennel delivers, I feel almost equally delighted and made sure that I stay the night with them ensuring safety of the new one,” Gole said.  His pets form the first happiest memories of his life. “Till date, the time I spend with my pets is my favourite time in the day, when I am stress-free and alive,” Gole said.

Talking about his childhood memories, Gole said, “My father (Manohar Gole) was attached to pets and had several of them during my childhood including exotic permitted birds.” Finding his best friends in those pets, his attachment with them grew with age.

“When I was in school, my father moved away to Sendhwa leaving me with my grandparents,” Gole said. Refusing to let go off one of the pet puppy, he stood stubborn to opposition. “My grandfather did not like pets and refused to let me have a puppy, but I promised to take care of it alone,” Gole said. When I went to school, the puppy named Jigar stayed at home alone.

“Initially, I felt bad about leaving him at home, but things changed fast as Jigar won everyone’s heart,” Gole said. As he was moving with his father for further education, his grandfather refused to let him take Jigar. “I left him there, but kept visiting as my father had his five dogs,” Gole said. As he grew up and took over business, fondness for pets grew in his entire family. “We have a goat farm now, my dad has his five dogs out of which two stay at home and other three at the farm, a small chicken farm and I keep another 10 dogs separately behind my petrol pump in a beautiful house,” Gole said.

He cannot imagine spending a day without his pets. “There are times when I am stressed or upset, but I don’t need anything else except my pets to bring me back to life and fill my heart with content,” Gole said. His children Akriti and Anshuman are equally fond of pets and hope to have many of their own someday.