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Indore: Create Stories Social Welfare Society organises event ‘Why So Serious?’


Indore: In its endeavour to encourage children and create stories about happy childhood memories, Create Stories Social Welfare Society of Indore organised an event “Why So Serious?” at Euro Kids to celebrate life, de-stress children and motivate them to follow their passion on Thursday. During the event, children played games, shared their passion and discovered their hidden talents.

Artist Shubha Vaidya said, “Happiness comes when we enjoy whatever we are doing. We are working so seriously because we do not love our work. I never work a day in my life. I love whatever I do. If you were asked to just play your favourite game as a job, would it be a problem? I do not think so. However, financial concerns rule our decisions now. Let all your concerns go, do whatever you like and you will automatically become successful for sure.”

Society founder Deepak Sharma said, “In experience, every day is beautiful and lovely. We never have a similar day, but we fail to enjoy and treasure these wonderful moments of life. What seems so real, important and difficult today, seems silly, unimportant and just a fad after some time. We should not be making the world serious, we will end up making the world a big hospital. We do not need to understand elaborate psychological theories to understand that all it takes is a laugh to be happy. Of course, after happiness, everything follows perfectly well. We can rejoice everyday in the celebration called life if we are not serious! Let’s be happy.”

Storyteller Kamlesh Talreja said, “We always knew happiness to be our normal state. It was not that we did not have problems. I remember working myself to bones everyday. I do not mind it. I am a senior citizen and I still do all my work. I am happy with my life because it is not limited to a box or a device. Life is never easy, but it is tremendous. I do not understand why kids have become so serious now. Trouble is an essential down for completing the cycle of life. Everything good comes with something bad.”

Retired government official Rekha Nichani said, “I say ‘laugh’ if you can just laugh openly then you are in a good position. We need to be able to determine our emotions and life. Let’s give up rules about life and just take charge of ourselves. I do not remember children getting angry and yelling. Now, these kids do that because they take everything too seriously.”

Banker Deepa Madan said, “Recently, I was reading an article… and Yes, I still read from books and compilation unlike the latest generation that only reads social media posts. So, this article on happiness talked about Subjective Happiness Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale and others. I was amazed. We are becoming a stale generation that is measuring happiness on scales! We need to let go off the act instead of working to getting it together. Let’s be fun!”

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