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Indore: Congress fetes people for buying high-price petrol


Indore: Targeting the union and state government over fuel hike, the local Congress party activists staged demonstration at most petrol pumps in the city on Wednesday. Congressmen not only raised slogans against continuous fuel hike but felicitated commuters present at petrol pumps for being brave enough to buy fuel at high rates.

While protesting at petrol pumps, the Congressmen presented roses and disbursed pamphlets to protest the hike in fuel prices. “In April 2014 during the Congress-led UPA rule, crude prices were US$ 120 per barrel. Yet, petrol was Rs 73 per litre then. Present crude price is US$ 75 while petrol price is more than Rs 82 per litre,” city Congress president Pramod Tandon said. He demanded to know why petrol costs Rs 82.50 per litre now when crude price is just US$ 70 per barrel.

Congress spokesperson Johar Manpurwala said, “Reason behind hike in fuel prices is the greed of the union and state government, which are taking 221 percent as excise duty and the 400 percent VAT over actual cost of the fuel.” He said that government can provide immediate relief to people by decreasing the taxes but it is more concerned about allowing oil companies to make profit.

Congress leaders also questioned cycle rallies of BJP leaders, which they organised whenever petrol prices increased during UPA tenure. “Along with fuel prices, the government has increased the prices of domestic gas cylinders from Rs 450 to Rs 850 in two years. People have been fooled by BJP in the name of controlling inflation but they have doubled it up,” Tandon said.