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Indore: Be it van or auto-rickshaw, parents equally responsible for child safety


Indore: The tragic DPS bus accident has indeed opened eyes of many scared parents who are on their toes to cross check security parameters of private vehicles carrying students across the city. However, can the system alone be blamed for the lapses in safety of our children, especially as far as dilapidated, overloaded private vans and auto-rickshaws are concerned? No; the parents too have equal responsibility we believe. SAMEER TIWARI talks to a cross section of Indoreans to gauge their reactions

We should never opt for LPG vehicles as they always involve a high risk of catching fire. Parents must not hesitate in paying a higher price to the driver while assuring that he does not overload the vehicle
Hitendra Rai (42), Businessman

In our busy lifestyle it is difficult for parents to pick and drop their child every day, but they should come forward for secretly inspecting the vans and auto-rickshaws on a random basis. It will help maintain security of their child and the driver will be thus remain afraid of violating laws as well
Shweta Jain (32), Homemaker

It is primarily our responsibility to check security parameters of the vans and auto-rickshaws. In case of any rash driving reported by children we should never neglect it and immediately confront the driver and warn him of the consequences
Mukesh Sharma (55), Businessman

Parents should take regular feedback from their children on rash driving by the drivers. Apart from this, schools should also come forward for checking security parameters of private vans and auto-rickshaws as some parents lack knowledge of proper safety measures
Asha Wadhwani (54), Homemaker

Just paying fees does not complete our responsibility; all the parents should come forward and personally check basic safety measures in vans and auto-rickshaws. In case of anomalies we should inform authorities concerned as well
Vaishali Tiwari (34), Interior Designer

Blaming and expecting everything from authorities is not solution. Parents should try finding drivers who abide by the laws and carry their child safely and if they fail in finding one, they should personally drop their children every day. It is a part of their moral responsibility
Cheryl Jain (34), Homemaker

School buses are much safer compared to any other mode of transport. However, to increase the safety school administration should provide seat belts for all the students, cameras and other security parameters in the buses
Vineeta Noah Lall (54), Homemaker

City administration should form a set of permanent rules for the van and auto-rickshaw drivers. The parents must come forward to select drivers who abide by the rules. Also, serious fines and penalties must be imposed on the violators
Veena Chhabra (51), Lecturer