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Indore: A thorn in clean city crown, says citizen on Swachh Survekshan


Indore: Though Indore clinched cleanest city tag two times in a row, Citizen Feedback and Swachhata App have become Indore Municipal Corporation’s Achilles heel.Citizen Feedback and Swachhata App is one of the four parameters under Swachh Survekshan. And residents are not responding to it.The city failed to get support from people for this crucial parameter in past two surveys even as the city gears up for Swachh Survekshan 2019.

“Receiving 1159 out of 1400 marks, Indore had bagged 69th rank in this parameter in Swachh Survekshan 2018 whereas Chandigarh secured first position with 1319 marks,” an officer of Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) said.If seen state-wise, Indore stood 18th in Madhya Pradesh, which saw 21 cities finding place in top 100 cities in Swachh Survekshan 2018.

In Swachh Survekshan 2017, the situation was not grim but Indore scored below Ambikapur, which clinched first rank in country in Citizen Feedback and Swachhata App parameter.“We won top ranking in both the surveys because of two parameters – Service Level Progress and Direct Observation,” said additional municipal commissioner Rohan Saxena.

He said city can’t afford to score poorly in Citizen Feedback and Swachhata App this time as other cities are giving us tough competition.Citizen Feedback and Swachhata App parameter consists of 1250 marks out of 5000 marks under Swachh Survekshan. Out of 1250, 850 marks are for citizen feedback and remaining 400 marks are for Swachhata App/Local App or Swachh Manch.

For citizen feedback, central teams interact with people for their feedback on cleanliness and sanitation work carried out in the city. They collected feedback over phone and direct meetings. “Seven types of questions are asked from people by central team. For full marks, the citizens are required to say that the situation has improved but they answer negatively due to ignorance. So, it is very important to make people aware of importance of feedback,” said IMC soild waste management consultant Asad Warsi.

Nearly 2 lakh downloads of app. Crucial 400 marks in the survey are for downloading Swachhata App or local app. Currently, we have two lakh downloads. To secure all 400 marks, we need to have 4.5 lakh downloads,” said Warsi. He said it won’t be easy to convince lakhs of people to download Swachhata App or Indore 311 App in four months (survey team to visit city in January). So, IMC has given the offer of movie tickets to people for downloads. It has offered two premium movie tickets to 10 downloaders each day. The winners will be selected through lucky draw.

7 questions to be asked from citizens

  1. Are you aware that your city is participating in Swachh Survekshan 2019?
  2. Are you satisfied with cleanliness level in your city?
  3. Are you able to easily spot litter bins in commercial and public areas?
  4. Whether you are asked to give segregated dry and wet waste to your waste collector?
  5. Do you know where your waste goes after collection – dumping site/sanitary landfill site or processing site?
  6. Do you find urinals/toilets are accessible and clean now?
  7. Do you know ODF status of your city?