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Indore: 4-hour deluge brings chaos, ‘Smart City’dream in knee-deep water


Indore: A couple of hours’ downpour on Tuesday evening submerged all the major roads of city along with the dream of ‘Smart City in knee deep water, as it exposed the poor state of preparedness of Indore Municipal Corporation. Though the city received just 45 mm (about 1.7 inches) rainfall in the evening, the roughly four-hour spell created a flood like situation in many roads and colonies of the city, thanks to the clogged drains and unplanned infrastructure development.

The extent of unpreparedness was such that the rain had thrown the ‘not so smart’ officials into a serious tizzy, as they took the sigh of relief after it stopped later in the evening. Despite knowing well about the usual water logging following rain in some of the busy areas like AB Road near SBI, Khajrana Square, Girdhar Mahal Square and Sayaji Square, IMC didn’t take any action to get the problem fixed, leaving residents as well as thousands of commuters at the mercy of god.

According to the meteorological department, the city recorded 45 mm (1.7 inches) rainfall between 4 pm and 8.30 pm on Tuesday. With Tuesday’s heavy rains, the city recorded a total of 783 mm (30.8 inches) rainfall in this season. It began with drizzling in some parts of the city in the evening and later, the clouds opened up fullfledged, inundating several low-lying areas and roads of the city. In some areas, the rainwater even entered houses. The major traffic snarl began soon after the showers stopped at around 6 pm, as commuters, who stopped at the roadside
shelters to avoid getting wet, came on to the roads in large numbers, with inundated roads compounding the woes.

However, before the chaotic situation could hardly subside, another bout of downpour lashed the city, turning roads into virtual rivulets and thus, increasing the traffic jams manifold. While electricity supply was disrupted in many areas due to technical snags and falling of trees, Discom itself snapped supply in some areas as a precautionary measure.