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India wants good relations with neighbours: Poonam Mahajan


Jammu: Senior BJP leader and MP Poonam Mahajan said India wanted good relations with its neighbours but could not remain patient in the face of continued provocation.

The BYPJM president, who was addressing a youth convention here, said wars were thrust upon India but the country wanted peace with its neighbours.

“They threw stones, bullets were fired for so many years. They are not ashamed of pushing the infiltrators or blaming us for terrorism in their country. We have peace, power, will and patience but you cannot question our patience,” she said.

“(Former prime minister A B) Vajpayee took the bus to Lahore (Pakistan), former Pakistan premier (Nawaz Sharif) was invited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his oath taking ceremony,” she said.

Mahajan said the surgical strikes were a like a big punch in response to the “continuous interference” which left the country surprised and speechless.

She said India wanted to seal its borders with Bangladesh despite it enjoying good relations with the country due to “continuous infiltration of people” who had reached Kashmir and even Mumbai. “Already India is a country with 130 crore people. How much more we will take,” she said.

She said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was following the doctrine of Vajpayee as nothing could match the policy of “Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and jamhooriyat”.

She said the government was treating the Kashmir issue with utmost seriousness, unlike any other government in the past.

She said their association with Jammu and Kashmir was unique and they always want to connect with the state by heart and added that now peace can be seen returning to the state.

Hitting out at opposition parties, she said there were people who wanted to play politics over various issues to undermine the efforts of the government in the state.

“Two families are doing politics to keep Kashmir at loggerheads with India to continue the exploitation of the people. They spent vacations in London and have bank accounts in foreign banks,” she claimed in an apparent reference to the National Conference and the Congress.

She said it took her 12 years to become the president of the youth wing of the BJP. “I’m not from the Congress and could not have risen with the support with my father or someone else,” she claimed.

Mahajan said the BJP was in power in the state due to the people of the Jammu region who always supported the party.

Earlier, BJP general secretary (organisation) Ashok Kaul accused the Congress and the National Conference of launching a misinformation campaign against the party for electoral gains.

“The parties are targeting the government for not announcing a public holiday on the birth anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh and driving out Rohingiya Muslims settled in the state,” he alleged.

He said the people’s support to the BJP had unnerved opposition parties and added that people were acknowledging that the state had seen a corruption-free government for the first time.