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Heavy rains in Indore avert water crisis in Ujjain


Ujjain: Heavy rainfall in Indore during the past few days, has helped Ujjain avert its looming water crisis. All seven gates of Yashwant Sagar dam were opened on Thursday, resulting in increase in the levels of the Gambhir dam. The gates were opened up to 3 meters, due to which the level of the Gambhir dam was increased from 1286 Mc ft on Thursday morning, to 1600 Mc ft on Friday morning. Mild rains in the city, as also in Gambhir catchment areas, Hamirkheedi, Takwasa, Bherukheda and Girota villages helped in increasing water levels which recorded at 1615.984 Mc ft by Friday evening.

As the dam has been filled to a manageable level, the administration is now facing the threat of water theft from Gambhir. It they fail to stop water theft, citizens will have to witness water shortage during the coming months of the year.